Deer Skull Mount (Part Two)

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In part two of this article, we're going to delve into specifically how you can mount your deer skull antlers, and creative ways you can go about decorating the skull. There are all sorts of creative uses you can do with a deer carcass, including the skull. If you're looking for an antler mount in the same fashion as a ram mount, here's what to do.

Antler Mount

Image from WT Taxidermy

With your hacksaw, remove the antlers, but cut an oval shape in the skull plate. If you haven't removed the flesh and tissue from the skull plate, do so before cutting the skull base. Refer to my previous article on ways to boil and clean the skull. Once the skull is ready, drill two holes through the plate. Hold your antlers into place on your mount board and drill two holes in the position of your choice. Craft a piece of leather (or any other material) for the skull plate, and leave about inch of extra space around for proper fitting. Stretch the leather over the skull mount. Mount your antlers with the screws. You can add foam padding to the board for fitting the skull plate. Affix the leather piece to the board with tacks, and adjust it for a more fitted look.

Creative Uses for Your Skull and Antlers

If you're not content with the antler mount, consider the various ways you can use your skull and antlers.


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An antler mount could make a great piece in a chrome-like finish. If you choose to sever the antlers with the skull base attached, you can go about spraying the antlers with a chrome paint spray to integrate the piece with your truck, bike, or motorcycle helmet. You'll surely turn some heads around Georgia with such a travel statement.


If you're an artistic person, or know someone who is artistic, consider the deer skull as a possible art piece that can make a statement. There are all sorts of designs and engravings you can use on the skull.

From Etsy

Use paint to cover the skull in whatever paint you choose, and go over the skull with some glossy finish. From here, you can apply whatever design of your choice. With the right electric saw or chisel, you can also apply various engraving designs. Check out the following video on how to design your skull.

It will make a nice piece in your Georgia home, and it could be a piece you could sell online.


Deer antlers can make fine weapons, if you are keen on crafting your own daggers. Making daggers from bones is something that man has done since time immemorial, and it could be a piece you could use on future hunts. And besides the antlers, a deer's entire bone structure is suitable for crafting a fine piece of weaponry. Aside from the aforementioned steps above, there are other ways you can use the carcass of your door, and all it takes is some creative thinking.

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