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    Sunday. My son and I were back from our first hunting day in the forest.
    For the occasion my son was dressed with camo pants and t-shirt, a bright orange vest and cap. Plus, he thought it was a good idea to paint his face with the kit I had purchased for him at Bass Pro. I did not have any camo, just a light brown hunting vest. We live in a condo, so we park, enter the building and go to the elevators. I was carrying a range bag and a rifle bag. My son was carrying two rifle bags and a cooler. At the elevators we meet two ladies with two dogs. One of the dogs gets immediately scared and starts jumping left and right while the owner tells us that guns scared it. We understood, stepped back and said that we were going to take the next one. Few seconds later the other lady looks at us and asks "but did you go hunting???" When I reply "no, just target shooting" she looks very relieved, adds "much better!" and enters the elevator, but then she adds "what do you shoot, clays?"
    My son: "squirrels". The doors closed and the conversation ended.
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    It is amazing at some of the people you run into and the questions they ask. My favorite is during deer season, stop at the store to get a few provisions for the weekend and in Camo, they always ask "you going hunting?" Just always answer, nope, playing golf today. :D

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    uniform shirt

    so many years ago, I'm a high school kid working my part-time evening job at McDonald's. And I think this particular night I needed a ride home, so I was waiting on the sidewalk in front of McDonald's at 11 p.m. after my shift ended.

    I was wearing the McDonald's uniform. And back then, there was no mistaking this for anything other than a fast-food uniform. All navy-blue polyester. Name badge pinned to my shirt. I had tossed the stupid paper hat, but other than that, I was in full uniform.

    And somebody comes up to me and asks, "Excuse me, but do you work for McDonald's?"

    I gave them a confused look and shook my head in the negative. "No, I just shop for clothes there."