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    So, since I am new to hunting, i think I can ask a very basic question such as: where to go hunting :)?

    I suppose that the answer may depend on many factors, including what do you want to hunt, but I am really speaking in general terms, and if I have to answer the question I would say everything that can be available and legally hunted not to far from where I live. Another factor could probably be how often. In that case I would say, often :).

    I am at the stage in which I am still reading the DNR publication in order to see which WMA's and which dates are available during the different season and it is easy to understand that one of the limits is that you cannot really go there every time you want. An alternative would be to go to the national forest, which would mean at least 1.5 hours from Atlanta for either the Chatahooche or the Oconee national forest. Feasible.

    Then I read online about clubs and leases.
    Is it to early? Should I stick to public lands for one year or two or more, or should I consider to start searching for either a club or a lease. Also, considering that most of the times either one or both of my kids will come with me, is any of these alternative safer than the others?
    What about the opportunity to learn something from other members which I assume, if you join a club, you would probably get to meet quite often.

    By the way, how does a lease work?
    What about costs or other commitments that must be taken?

    A lot of questions, I know.... :rolleyes:
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    I'm not a member of a club or lease for financial reasons so i hunt only public land. I have to say, i don't feel like i'm missing much. You can hunt something everyday of the year except for 3 months on public land. That's fish season for me, lol. To fill those 3 months you could always drive around the country side and ask farmers and such if they would mind you hunting hogs or coyotes on their land. Those animals can be hunted year round on private land. Never hurts to ask. Just be polite.
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