Need Advice on a Camper Trailer

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  1. ShotgunJoe

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    I've always wanted one, nothing too complicated. Where is a good place to start? What are some personal experiences with pop ups, teardrops and full size trailers that anyone would like to share. I would be pulling it with a 94 dodge ram with no fifth wheel, which means nothing too big not that I wanted anything big anyway. I wouldn't be using it but probably once a month.
  2. Birddogyz

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    When I was looking for mine, I was looking at the 20 to 22 FT range. But they cost almost as much as the bigger ones. I ended up getting a 30 FT pull behind because I did not want to loose the bed space for the 5th wheel. Just pay attention to the weight. Mine is 10,000 lbs empty.

    You can usually find a good deal on one that is last years model but still on the lot for a great price.

  3. AndrewX

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    Shotgun Joe,

    Whether you're looking for new, near new, or "vintage" Craigslist is a great place to start and see what's available on any budget.

    How will you be using your trailer? Will it stay at a hunting lease/camp or will you tow it to different locations? How many days will you spend in it at a time and how many people will be staying with you?

    I have an older trailer semi-permanently parked at a hunting club campground. For me, the most important things are that it is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry year round. Next in importance is that I can take a warm shower after a cold day on a deer stand and I also need it to sleep up to three.

    After spending a whole deer season in a tent, I wouldn't consider a pop-up and the tear drops aren't big enough to accommodate a shower. Given what I need, a 20-24' travel trailer fits best.

    Good luck!
  4. dogsbreath

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    I've often thought that some custom built boxes would be cool. Not trailers, things to be delivered and moved with a rollback. You could make a serviceable unit for pretty small money, I'd bet. Nuttin fancy, just a good bathroom, bunks, and an awning for out front.
    Something like a modified 'pods' unit. Heck, if you had a rollback, you could just rent them out and move them around as needed.

  5. ojibwa

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    be wary of craigslist there are lots of camper flippers on there, more then you know... really give any camper or vehicle a good once over and then do it again..maybe have a pro inspect it.