Newbie deer hunter in Savannah

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    Hiya folks. Pardon the long-windedness please.

    As the title says, I'm a newbie deer hunter. Have hunted squirrels, rabbits, various birds, 'coons and even 'gators in LA but never a deer. I've eaten a mess of it though.

    Next door neighbor has invited me up to the family land in..Bulloch County I think it is. I know I have to take a class and get my license but what equipment do I REALLY need other than my trusty Winchester and an orange vest? I'm not into tacti-kewl mall ninja self defense so the same sort of thinking pretty much applies.

    I was thinking some water, maybe some non-crunchy snacks of some sort, a compass since I'll be in unfamiliar territory and don't know if the phone will work, a sidearm just in case, my biker roll of toilet paper, my good ol' Uncle Henry folder and something to signal with maybe? No dogs in years so no hunting horn available, likely a whistle since it's heavily wooded I'm told, that be ok and socially acceptable? Rope maybe? Some sorta bag? Do i need bug spray that time of year or will that scare the game off? Questions questions so many questions! :)

    We never had camo or anything like that when I was a kid, just warm boots, gloves and drawers. Bass Pro must sell a heckuva lot of 'em to SOMEbody, do I really need 'em for deer? I thought they couldn't see all that well anyway? I don't know if he stand hunts or not yet.

    Sure would appreciate any guidance you folks have. I'm not adverse to purchasing the proper equipment understand but I make fun of R.ich U.rban B.ikers and R.ich U.rban G.un S.lingers and don't want 'em to have the chance to laugh at me so I'm all ears. Do tell and thank ya kindly.
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    First off, their eyesight is good but their sense of smell is even better. Yes, Camo helps unless you are hunting in a concealed blind or over a big field where you are shooting 300 yards plus.

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    I killed my biggest buck in swim shorts and t'shirt

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