north ga. hog asasin

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  1. nwtradegun

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    I am the self appointed hog asasin of north ga.. I need any info on sighting of hogs in national forrest. please send any info you may have. also of any land owners looking for hog removal. I do not have a co.. I am a sport hunter and for meat.
  2. Greg48

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    lol not many

    Not many people will give there hog locations away me being one all I can say is lots of foot work good luck:)

  3. TravelHunterD

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    You'll have better luck combing the North GA Areas and talk to local farmers, land owners, DNR and Forest surveyors. I agree with Greg48, you will have very slim chance someone will give away their locations. But if by chance you get any bites I wouldn't mind tagging along. I only use Dogs and knife. Occasionally might bring a handgun but the Mountain terrain is rough. Your boots should be as good as football cleats in my opinion.