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    I traded into this Savage Model 10, in .243 Win caliber.
    22" sporter weight barrel with 1:9 twist rate. (I know my note next to the rifle says 21" barrel, but I was mistaken when I first measured from the barrel nut).

    Nice trigger, adjusted by the prior owner.
    Comes with a Tasco 3x-9x by 50mm scope (cheap, made in China, but it should work).
    This fat-bell scope has extra tall rings that put the center of the scope 2.2" above the bore.

    I expect to use this myself on some deer, hog, or coyote hunting, but primarily deer. And while I "would" use a .243 such as this to kill deer at long hunting ranges of up to 400 yards, if the gun proved itself accurate at that distance and I chose the right bullet that would expand when the velocity is down around 2100 or 2200 f.p.s. that far out, I ONLY ANTICIPATE using it in woods where my maximum distance shot between the trees and bushes would be about 100 yards.

    But I also got this rifle as a "loaner" to let a buddy use when I want to take somebody deer hunting but they don't have a suitable rifle. I have a friend in such a situation right now. He's got an AR-15 (old style Colt SP1 with a slow-twist barrel), and an AK-47, but no provisions for mounting a scope on either one. And he really could use a scope to improve his accuracy at even moderate ranges of 50-100 yards.

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    Nothin wrong with that rifle...or caliber...i was and still a fan of long action calibers, but here recently on reading ballistic and facing reality how far do i shoot 250/300yds max. A Well placed shot from a .223 .243.308 and soon to be my newst build 6.8spc will take care of that..great find on a excellent gun

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    My personal preference is a bullet north of 100 grains, but folks do take lots of deer with .243's. .243 is great for feral swine, 'yotes, etc.
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    Federal Premium Ballistic Tips are great out of the .243, my son took many a deer with his single shot .243
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    :) ;) ;) ;)