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    Has anybody successfully scoped an SKS rifle?
    How does it perform?
    Do you think it would make a good deer rifle, on par with a scoped lever-action .357 or .44 or .30-30 rifle? (basically, good to 100 or 150 yards, but not a real long range hunting weapon)?

    I have an SKS, and I tried to scope it with an aftermarket receiver cover that had a scope base already installed, but the receiver cover didn't fit my gun. It was too tight not only lengthwise but internally as to width, too. My rifle was a Norinco Chinese one, and perhaps that replacement receiver cover was from an Eastern European / Iron Curtain rifle?



    P.S. I can get 7" groups at 100 yards from this SKS with the crude open sights it comes with, and military-type ammo. From experience with many other rifles, putting even a 4X scope on a rifle shrinks my group sizes in half. And using good grade commercial ammo shrinks the groups even more. That's why I figured a scoped SKS with Winchester or Federal soft-point 7.62 x 39mm ammo would be a 3-4 m.o.a. rifle, and good to 150 -175 yards from a decent rest, taking a broadside shot on a deer that's standing still.
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    I pickes this one up in a trade and it had a railed dust cover. It seemed to loose to mount a scope on so I took it off.

    Nice Norinco gunsmoker! Keep it original.:p

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    I like iron sites on an SKS. Never shot one mounted with a scope, the iron has always been enough.