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    Hey, I'm new to this forum but I need to ask some questions.

    For one, I'm 16 years old and a boy scout so I know a good deal about camping in the woods. I want to go out into the woods of Georgia and survive with a few friends (3 or 4) for five days bringing only a bug-out type backpack each. For food I was intending on making snares for squirrels and bringing my Ruger 10 22 for hunting squirrels and any other small game I can find. I've made a list of the gear I would need to bring but I've never done this before and would really appreciate it if you guys gave me some insight.

    If I could get some general advice as to what to bring or how to go about gathering food that would be great. I'm learning how to snare and gut squirrels so I'm hoping to be able to get a lot of them.

    Also we are intending to film parts of it and to do this sometime during the summer (August or July.)

    Here is my list so far:

    Survival Trip

    Long knife
    Magnesium Fire starter
    Flint and steel
    Extra knives/multitools would be good

    -Shelter Construction
    550 paracord
    Duct tape

    The ones on you
    An extra shirt
    An extra pair of shorts
    Extra pair of socks

    wet wipes
    insect reppelant
    bed rolls?

    first aid kit
    radio(s) with spare batteries

    Dutch oven?
    Peanuts as emergency food/start up food (by the end we should be providing for ourselves)

    Water purification tablets (iodine)
    32 oz Nalgene per person everyone
    5 gallon container to fill up when we get there

    24 gage or stronger wire
    Galvanized nails
    550 paracord

    .22 rifle
    1 brick of ammo (500 rounds)

    Our phones
    Solar powered chargers

    Find an area near water. (We will have a river/stream chosen beforehand).
    Gather wood.
    Start a fire.
    Gather and purify water.
    Build a kickass shelter
    Set up snares (lots and lots)
    Hunt squirrels (maybe other animals)
    Cook food.
    Survive 5 days
    Film the experience.
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    Trash bags...keeps you dry and for picking up your trash.


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    Be careful not to take any game animals out of season, squirrels and rabbits are subject to small game laws.

    In the summer, fishing might be a better protein source.
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    Ditto on the game laws, since squirrels and small game aren't in season that could pose a DNR issue. Take it from someone who has taught many survival trips, if this is all y'all's first time doing a trip like this, you want to bring some emergency food. Providing for yourself is the ultimate goal in a survival scenario, but you don't realize how hard it is until you get out there and feel the frustration when your traps lie empty morning after morning. I suggest fishing, more specifically leaving some type of passive fishing device like a jug or even trotline. You want to commit yourself to passive food finding like this because it expends a lot less energy than traipsing through the woods actually hunting or standing in one place fishing when you could be working on a shelter.

    And as far as your kit goes, you'll hate life if ya bring that Dutch oven. They're great, but greatly heavy. I'd get some sort of small camp cook set or even just roast on a spit anything you catch. You do lose some valuable nutrients that way though as opposed to making some sort of soup or broth.

    During the summer I also suggest some sort of Georgia Edible Plant Field Guide, but please make sure you're 110% sure before you eat anything.

    Pm me if you have any questions, I get long winded teaching survival lol, it's a bit of a passion.

    P.S. Watch out for poison ivy.

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    if it's illegal

    If it's illegal in that place and at that time to hunt squirrels, then how about you bring a camera with a zoom lens (or just use your phone if it can zoom for pics) and take a picture of any animal that you "could have" shot in a real survival situation where you won't worry about the Game and Fish laws?
    Then, when you have this picture to prove that you would have gotten that animal, this entitles you to open up a bag or can of food that you brought with you just as a substitute for hunted game. If you are not successful in hunting, you don't open those specially-marked and wrapped items of extra food.

    As for trapping with snares, I don't know of a way to simulate that. Maybe you'll just have to make that a different exercise during squirrel season with the right kind of license.