What's your loadout?

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by brittthomas, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. brittthomas

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    Just curious what everyone carries with them when they're chasing after turkeys. I'll start:

    On me: RedHead vest, (1) box call, (2) mouth calls, multi tool, razor blaze knife, binos, compass, map, snake gaiters, Glock 19 with (1) mag of shotshells and (1) mag of Hornady Critical Duty, and a New Haven/Mossberg 600at I got for cheap and converted to a turkey gun. Of course I also have turkey shells, camo clothing, boots and a hat.

    In my backpack: Water, snacks, first-aid kit, TP, wet wipes, roll of small trash bags, extra socks, rain gear, para cord, a tarp and a Gerber Prodigy.
  2. Gator

    Gator Member

    Benelli Super Black Eagle II, couple of slate calls, water, book or eye pad, couple of extra shells, gobble call, binoculars, granola bars, stool, TP, bug spray and/or thermacell, knife....whatever else I think the particular hunt requires.

    I like to set up my ground blind with a chair inside a couple of weeks before the season if hunting private land.

  3. dutchs

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    Stool, vest, calls, some protein, Trr8 with a few 357 mag moon clips portable blind umbrella, gun belt with governor snake gun and two knifes my Beretta bag with shells a few cold drinks etc. and the Beretta A 400. Sting season not far away!!

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  4. howl

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    Plus a gun, a seat cushion and maybe bottle of water and granola bar. If I'm going up on a mountain or into a big swamp I'll add a space blanket and some more food and water.
  5. MarkWood

    MarkWood New Member

    Box call, 2 mouth calls, extra shells 12 ga remington pump, hen and jake decoy, paracord, lighter/tender, water, snacks, compass